Siska Schoeters trades the Studio Brussel Radio 2

At the beginning of January takes Britt Of Marsenille goodbye to Anja Daems and Cathérine Vandoorne with The Ladies. They get from 2 January 2019 the company of Siska Schoeters. The Radio 2 listeners will Britt certainly must not miss. She remains a trusted voice within the largest family. Together with a team of Radio 2 colleagues makes this summer a new weekly program, and she explores new horizons for Radio 2.
In 2019, there is a Britt also tv appearances on the menu. Together with Thomas Vanderveken and Jan Van Looveren, she is working on Factcheckers, a new program for One. From her experience with consumer programmes will Britt also closely linked to the Radio 2 programme, The Inspector, and they will Sven Pichal replaced in presentation as he was on holiday.

Britt Of Marsenille: “I would be one year a Madam. The four become, a fantastic experience! That Radio 2 me now the confidence to own program works is totally amazing. I’m very much looking forward to. And I wish the new Madam cordially an equally fine time as I myself could experience the previous years. Soon on Radio 2 and on One!”

Of course, Anja and Ending up not only behind. No one less than Siska Schoeters is the new Madam in addition to Anja and Cathérine. She says goodbye to Studio Brussels and looks proud and grateful to be back on 15 years of cooperation.

Siska Schoeters: “I am happy that I have the past 15 years, many have gotten, but also many have been able to give to Studio Brussel. I started on my 21 and can think of no better place imaginable to grow. Thanks to the listeners and colleagues. I come home from a fairly large family. Now I want to know how this family looks like: exciting and exotic!”

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