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Siska Schoeters leave Studio Brussel

Radiopresentatrice Siska Schoeters trades in January Studio Brussels for ‘the largest family of Flanders’, Radio 2. Schoeters is one of the three ‘ladies’.

Anja Daems and Cathérine Vandoorne get in the radio show De madammen so the company of Siska Schoeters from 2 January. Schoeters itself and is ‘happy with the move’. “I have fifteen years of Studio Brussels work and have everything be allowed to do what I wanted. I feel that I am ready for it, ” she says to the VRT. “Of course I look forward to the many new listeners.’

Schoeters put in 2003 her first steps at Studio Brussels as the host of The settlement. In the autumn of 2007, she was sidekick of Tomas De Soete, in his evening program. At the end of that year, she was one of the three presenters in ‘The glass house’ of Music for life. In 2012 she presents in prime time the evening, Turn ‘m on Siska. From 2012 to 2016, they took the ochtendblok at Studio Brussels for its account. Since 2014, she combines radio and television work for One and Canvas. Currently she is a sidekick in The ideal world.

Of Maresenille

Schoeters takes the torch from Britt Of Marsenille. Of Marsenille remains active within Radio 2. She makes this summer a new weekly program. She explores as ‘new horizons’ for the station, reports the VRT.

“I would be one year a madam. The four become, a fantastic experience’, is the response Of Marsenille. ‘That Radio 2 me now the confidence to own program to work, is totally amazing.’ They will also Sven Pichal replaced as “inspector” as he is on holiday.

Of Marsenille will next year also be seen on television. She works together with Thomas Vanderveken and Jan Van Looveren to the program Factcheckers for One.

The ladies started in 2007 with Ilse Van Hoecke next to Anja Daems and Cathérine Vandoorne. When Van Hoecke left in 2013, she was replaced by Leki which in turn was replaced by Marsenille in 2014.

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