Share spiral staircase eiffel tower under the hammer

PARIS – Who like to be a part of the eiffel tower wants to get hold of, can this month go to the French auction house Artcurial. There is an approximately 4 metres high part of the old spiral stairs of the monster under the hammer.

The trapdeel has 25 steps and weighs several hundred kilograms. It was formerly between the second and the third floor of the 300-metre high tower in Paris. Visitors of the famous tourist attraction of the nineteenth century and these days you can just take the elevator.

The part that on november 27, under the hammer, belonged to a Canadian private collection. Interested parties should be deep in the pockets. The value of the trapdeel is estimated at 40,000 to 50,000 euros. Also the transport of the object can the necessary feet on the ground. There had to be a crane are used to the trapdeel at the auction house to park.

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