Senators: research, Mueller must continue

WASHINGTON – Now that Donald Trump and his minister of Justice Jeff Sessions on the side, is the big question what will happen with the investigation of former FBI director Robert Mueller. As special prosecutor, he has extensive powers to the alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections in 2016 against the light. Democratic politicians are deeply concerned. But also the first Republican senators have already spoken.

FBI director Robert Mueller (left) and Donald Trump (right).

So said Mitt Romney, who in 2008, the Republican presidential candidate was that it was “of great importance is that the important work of the ministry of Justice would continue and that the Mueller investigation unhindered is completed.” Romney was during the Congresvekiezingen re-elected as a senator for Utah.

Also, senator Susan Collins warned that the government Mueller should not impede. “Special prosecutor Mueller should be given the space to work without intervention to make”, she responded as one of the first.

Sessions themselves kept away from the investigation, after he himself discredited was moved due to contacts with the Russian ambassador in the USA. Muellers efforts should include more clear or people from Trumps campaign team unauthorized bands had with the Russians that the elections wanted to influence. The supervision was in the hands of deputy secretary, and Rod Rosenstein, but is now the responsibility of acting minister Matthew Whitaker.

Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer will find that Whitaker is not with the research must interfere, because he is rather negative about the comment. Trump has the research of Mueller, a witch called. Whitaker used that word last year as well, albeit indirectly. He wrote at the time that “there are serious concerns could rise that the investigation of the special prosecutor is nothing but a witch hunt,” as Mueller without formal expansion of its task, the finances of the president under the magnifying glass would take.

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