Schwaab: ’To have the ball, we still have something to do…’

Jorrit Hendrix, Daniel Schwaab, goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet and Trent Sainsbury bales after Tottenham Hotspur at 2-1 lead.

No shame, but certainly in the 2-1 lost match against the Spurs PSV has is really only limited to defend and occasionally hoping on a countertje or default situation. The ball longer than a few seconds in the team keep the show in large parts of the match a mission impossible.

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“Talk, you see indeed a difference with the other teams,” says Daniel Schwaab. “That is what we have still something to do… There is still stretch in, I think. Maybe we can make a time to come to terms with the ball even 50/50 to play. Against Spurs was the pressure at a given moment is so large. We came there no more.”

“That spirit in our team, that we can definitely bring,” says Schwaab. “How we all have to defend, fight and do everything to make a tegendoelpunt to avoid. We have really everything in the competition. Then it is a pity that it does not produce any result. But no one can say that we don’t have.”

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