Rico Verhoeven gets advice from the master: Jean Claude Van Damme!

Distributors Dutch FilmWorks, producer Tom de Mol (Saint) and Verhoeven have talked with a variety of directors and screenwriters who are interested in The Black Lotus. On the basis of those discussions, a number of screenwriters to get started with a scenario-design. It is intended that the film in the autumn of 2019 is included, in Amsterdam.

The Dutch ultimate fighting champion thinks that the time in Hollywood is ripe for a new generation of action heroes. “You had the release of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, both in the seventies. But also the stars of the past few decades, such as Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, are now around fifty. Each generation has its own action heroes need. And I would sincerely not know why I that is not so for the teenagers of now.”

Muscles from Brussels

The Dutchman looks very on to colleagues as well as Dwayne Johnson, or Jean Claude Van Damme, who after their sporting merits for a very long time to have success in Hollywood. With The Muscles from Brussels appt and call Verhoeven a regular basis. “He keeps his eyes and ears open for projects for which I may be suitable,” explains de kickbokser. “Really, really cool. And he pressed me on the heart only in projects where I was really behind me.”

Another opinion of Van Damme is to surround yourself with people who have the same enthusiasm for a particular plan as you. “That is something that I have noticed in the martial arts,” says Verhoeven. “You can better the people around you have that you occasionally have to brake that your people should be encourage to be a little bit harder to walk because your enthusiasm will not be able to legs.”

Long-range plan

Verhoeven is not the first Dutchman that his happiness wants to go try in Hollywood. Sometimes it picked up that good, like Michiel Huisman; some were actors, after a lot of big words also disillusioned back, such as the late Antonie Kamerling. “If every time I had bound when people told me that I would not be able to or that something would not happen, I was not got to where I am now,” laughs Verhoeven. “The sound is very faint. But there is only one person who need to believe that I will succeed, and that is what I am.”

He stresses that building an acting career is a long-term plan is. “For me it is always: if I do something, I do it well”, nods to him. “So there comes a time that I go fight because I am all the way to the movies, go to focus. I want to slowly change from an active athlete to a movie star.”

On the one hand, Verhoeven more ambitions than only the best kickbokser in the world. “But anyway you need as an athlete to look further. I am now 29; fighting is not something that I can continue to do so. I need to think about a switch, and just like in the fight I want to be in the new career that I’m going to build my goals as high as possible.”

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