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Rennersvakbond CPA jump into action after control Pieter Serry during Gala of the Flandrien

The rennersvakbond CPA is not to speak about the non-respect of the privacy of the riders by the antidopingcontroleurs. Tuesday was Pieter Serry during the Gala of the Flandrien in the Casino-Kursaal of Ostend from the audience picked for a doping control. The CPA wants to determine which authority was responsible and asks for a code of conduct for the auditors, as well as the respect for private life insurance.

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The doping control officers were Tuesday night at the home of Serry appeared, but saw the rider from Quick-Step Floors do not. Serry was, after all, at the Gala in Ostend. Because the driver is not to his place of residence could and wanted to descend, he gave the address of the Casino-Kursaal. This moved the controllers to the Belgian coast, and plucked him out of the room. That was not to the meaning of Serry, who afterwards complained did. “I feel like a prisoner with an ankle bracelet”, he said, rather displeased.

The CPA has the after this new incident, however, had, as it sounds in a press release. The rennersvakbond had already complained to the International Cycling union (UCI) and the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) about the sometimes very unfortunate timing of the antidopingcontroles.

“There have been cases where riders have been checked for their wedding day, during a funeral, or on the first day of school of their child. Now there is the case, Pieter Serry,” states CPA president Gianni Bugno. “We can no longer this way of working relation that does not take into account the privacy of the riders. They are two percent of their prize money to these controls as possible. They are the only athletes in the world that the antidopingsysteem self-financing. The riders respect the measures in the fight against doping, but they ask that their privacy is respected.”

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