Reactions after draw Ajax against Benfica in CL

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Reactions after draw Ajax against Benfica in CL

07 november, 2018 18:30
07-11-18 18:30
Last update: 7 minutes ago
Update: 7 minutes ago

In the fourth matchday of the Champions League are Wednesday eight duels on the program, with Benfica-Ajax (kick-off 21: 00) as an eye-catcher. Follow the games in our liveblog.


  • CSKA-AS Roma (1-2)
  • Valencia-Young Boys (3-1)
  • Benfica-Ajax (1-1)
  • Bayern-AEK (2-0)
  • Juventus-Manchester Utd (1-2)

Champions League · 5 minutes geledenAlle matches are over. The results:

  • Benfica-Ajax (1-1)
  • Bayern Munich-AEK (2-0)
  • Olympique Lyon And Hoffenheim (2-2)
  • Manchester City-Shakhtar (6-0)
  • Viktoria Plzen-Real Madrid (0-5)
  • Juventus-Manchester United (1-2)


  • Valencia-Young Boys (3-1)
  • CSKA Moscow-AS Roma (1-2)

Benfica-Ajax · 8 minutes ago

Ajax set in Lisbon, a giant step towards the knock-out stages. The position in group E is now as follows:

  1. Bayern Munich 4-10 (7:1)
  2. Ajax 4-8 (6:2)
  3. Benfica 4-4 (4:6)
  4. AEK Athens 4-0 (2:9)

Benfica-Ajax · 8 minutes ago

Past! Robert Lewandowski helps Bayern Munich with two hits along AEK: 2-0.Benfica-Ajax · 10 minutes ago

Past! By two late hits know Manchester United with a 1-2 win at Juventus!Benfica-Ajax · 15 minutes ago

Past! Ajax with a 1-1 draw at Benfica, and has the knock-out stages of the Champions League in sight!Benfica-Ajax · 15 minutes geleden90+4′ There saves Onana and Ajax. The goalkeeper reacts alert to a bet of Pizzi.Benfica-Ajax · 15 minutes geleden90+4′ What a rescue of Onana! The final item responds perfectly on a bet from Gabriel, who from a few metres away, may lash out. Thus he makes his mistake from the first half somewhat good.Benfica-Ajax · 17 minutes geleden90′ There will be four minutes of extra time to play at.Juventus-Manchester United · 21 minutes geleden89′ GOAL Manchester United! 1-2

What a denouement in Turin! Bonucci works the ball unluckily into his own goal and put United ahead!Benfica-Ajax · 22 minutes geleden86 Is still a winner in Estádio da Luz. Ajax will logically be the most satisfied with this division of points, but the Locals are not reducing on the own half.Juventus-Manchester United · 25 minutes geleden86′ GOAL Manchester United! 1-1

Juan Mata is pulling the level for time is the same and seems to be a point to save for the visitors.Benfica-Ajax · 26 minutes geleden82′ Shortly after the chance of Seferovic’s Ajax close to the 1-2. A shot distance of Ziyech disappears and a half metres in addition to the purpose of the Portuguese.Benfica-Ajax · 27 minutes geleden81′ Opportunity to Benfica. The Swiss substitute Haris Seferovic gets on from the right wing and take away the Ajax target under fire. Onana responds quickly and picks up the ball klemvast.Benfica-Ajax · 28 minutes ago

Benfica coach Rui Vitória is through all his bills. With virtual backlog of four points and two matches to go, balancing the Portuguese on the edge of the box.Benfica-Ajax · 34 minutes geleden73′ Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag performs his first bill of exchange by. Dolberg is the field for Neres.Benfica-Ajax · 35 minutes ago

1-1 of Tadic is his first goal ever in the Champions League.Bayern Munich-AEK · 40 minutes geleden72′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 2-0

Lewandowski tap in from a corner at the second pole, and close within.Juventus-Manchester United · one hour geleden64′ GOAL Juventus! 1-0

Ronaldo scores his first Champions League goal on behalf of Juventus! The Portuguese takes the ball in reference to Leonard Bonucci at one time in the dsf and opens beautiful the score.Benfica-Ajax · one hour geleden61′ GOAL Ajax! 1-1

With a fantastic long ball sends Ziyech Tadic depth. The Serbian omspeelt with a little luck, Vlachodimos and tap the ball in while sliding across the goal line.Benfica-Ajax · one hour geleden58′ Neres is on the right side useful free and gives the ball to Tadic. The Serb, with his head no strength behind the ball, making it an easy prey for Vlachodimos.Benfica-Ajax · one hour ago

55′ It is a tame beginning of the second half. Benfica gives Ajax the ball, but the Locals succeed in creating opportunities.Manchester City-Shakhtar Donetsk · one hour ago

With the current score, places the Manchester City qualify for the next round. The ‘Citizens’ are on a 3-0-lead against Shakhtar Donetsk. If Olympique Lyon 2-0-lead against Hoffenheim to know to turn into a victory, adds City qualify for the last sixteen.Benfica-Ajax · one hour geleden46′ No substitutions by both teams. Benfica-Ajax (1-0) resumes.Benfica-Ajax · one hour ago

Ajax without Tagliafico against AEK Athens
Nicolás Tagliafico miss the next match of Ajax against AEK Athens in the Champions League. The full-tackles in the first half of the uitduel with Benfica his third yellow card of the group stage, and thereby one match suspended watch.Benfica-Ajax · one hour agoto Rest. Ajax has it’s very difficult with Benfica and look halfway through for a 1-0 gap.Benfica-Ajax · one hour geleden45+3′ What a chance for Ajax to be at the same height. A free kick by Lasse Schöne is beautifully caught by Vlachodimos, who the ball to the feet of Donny van de Beek stores. His bet then goes along. Frenkie de Jong is then a fraction late on the ball for the 1-1.Viktoria Plzen-Real Madrid · one hour ago

Real Madrid holds quite a home to Viktoria Plzen. After Sergio Ramos escaped red because of an elbow strike, the People of madrid, through Karim Benzema (2x), Casemiro and Gareth Bale for resting on a 0-4-ahead.Ajax-Benfica · one hour geleden38′ It took a while, but this is the first shot on goal for Ajax. Hakim Ziyech shoot a free kick at the hands of Benfica goalkeeper Odisseas Vlachodimos.Manchester City-Shakhtar Donetsk · 2 hours geledenBij Manchester City-Shakhtar will get the home team out of a very easily given penalty at 2-0. Raheem Sterling caught in the ground, after which Gabriel Jesus from eleven meters the 2-0 remember.

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AuteurGoalMoment of plaatsen21:36 – 7 november 2018Ajax-Benfica · 2 hours ago

Ajax has it difficult in the first half hour against Benfica. The Locals have no chance created and a 1-0 gap.Bayern Munich-AEK · 2 hours geleden31′ GOAL Bayern Munich! 1-0

After Uros Cosic, a player of the home team holding it, should Bayern a penalty kick. From eleven-metre-shoot, Robert Lewandowski’s neat touch in the intersection.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden29′ GOAL Benfica! 1-0

What a blunder of Onana! The final item, giving himself a minute ago in the trouble with a more awkward assumption, try the ball away to save, but attacks completely wrong. For Jonas, it is a breeze to get the ball in an Ajax goal without a goalkeeper to shoot.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden26′ Benfica tries again from distance. The hard shot of Jonas is a meter next to it.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden23′ The spectacle where Benfica and Ajax Amsterdam made sure, tonight’s not back yet. There is going to be on both sides a lot wrong.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden20′ After a strong start to the Portuguese goes the pace down. Opportunities for Ajax, there are not yet been.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden13′ This Is a good way. The 19-year-old defender shares with his elbow a large beech tree off to Jonas, who played on the ground. Oblivious, the Italian referee, Gianluca Rocchi, which Is at least a yellow card saved.Bayern Munich-AEK · 2 hours geleden6′ Bayern escaped! Konstantinos-Vassilios Lambropoulos get out of a corner a free kopkans, but his bet goes for the goal of Manuel Neuer along.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours ago

It is shortly before the start of the game restless in the Ajax box, where supporters clashed with the police.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden6′ Re a chance for Benfica. Franco Cervi tries Onana to surprise in the short corner, but the Ajax goalkeeper brings salvation with the foot.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden1′ The home team is immediately dangerous! Álex Grimaldo takes from a great distance the Ajax goal under fire, but André Onana plucks the ball out of the intersection.Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geleden1′ Benfica-Ajax will start!Benfica-Ajax · 2 hours geledenGaat Ajax for the first time since 2005-2006 winter in the Champions League? With a victory, the people of Amsterdam.

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AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen20:52 – november 7, 2018CSKA-AS Roma · 2 hours agoRecent! CSKA Moscow is going with a ten man down against AS Roma: 1-2.Valencia-BSC Young Boys · 2 hours agoRecent! Valencia takes after rest away from BSC Young Boys, by this defeat, as well as certain disabled: 3-1.Ajax-Benfica · 2 hours geledenDe warm-up is in full swing at Estadio da Luz.

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AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen20:37 – 7 november 2018Benfica-Ajax · 3 hours geledenWeet Ajax tonight in Lisbon Benfica to win?

  • Yes, Ajax will win over
  • Yes, Ajax will win narrowly
  • No, Ajax is equal
  • No, Ajax will lose narrowly
  • No, Ajax will lose more than

Valencia-BSC Young Boys · 3 hours geleden77′ RED Young Boys!

Sekou Sanogo spuds brash one of his opponents down and is sent off the field.Olympique Lyon-Hoffenheim · 3 hours agoMemphis appears to kick off in Lyon, Tete sofa
Memphis Depay will get a rise to Olympique Lyon in the thuisduel with Hoffenheim. Kenny Tete is sitting on the couch.

Olympique Lyon: Lopes; Marcelo, Mr. Morel; Rafael, Ndombèlé, Tousart, Aouar, Mendy; Fekir, Depay.

Hoffenheim: Baumann; Nuhu, Vogt, Bicakcic; Kaderabek, Grillitsch, Demirbay, Schulz, Joeliton; Belfodil, Kramaric.

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AuteurOlympique LyonnaisMoment of plaatsen20:17 – november 7, 2018Bayern Munich-AEK · 3 hours ago

With Bayern missing Arjen Robben who, because of a blockade in the knee not at the clash. The Germans qualify for the next round when they AEK beat Ajax to win at Benfica.

Bayern Munich: Neuer; Kimmich, Tiny Toddlers, Now, Alaba; Javi Martínez, Goretzka; Gnabry, Müller, Ribéry; Lewandowski.

AEK: Launch; Lampropoulos, Chygrynskiy, Cosic; Bakakis, Galanopoulos, Simoes, Aleph, Hult; Mantalos, Ponce.Back to top


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