Prince Charles tells how his role as king see

The Prince of Wales will no longer speak on various topics once he is king. “I’m not so stupid,” he said in a documentary on the occasion of his 70th birthday, which is Thursday, the BBC broadcast.

In the documentary Charles that he is aware of the changes that he will have to endure once he is king. According to him, it is important to distinguish between the function of the crown prince and that of sovereign. “The idea that I will be the same and do when I am king, this is absurd’, according to the prince. “I will no longer be able to do what I did as crown prince,” he says. ‘But the crown prince and king are two completely different functions, and I think that people are forgetting that.”

Prince Charles was in the past a lot of criticism about him, because he spoke out about climate change, the policy around medication, agriculture, and architecture. Himself says he always tried to not party-politics. “But I will not me more statements about things once I am king, so stupid I am not,’ said the prince. He stressed that he only with the consent of the ministers would occur.

‘No burden’

Camilla, wife of prince Charles, is also the word in the documentary. She says that, because Charles already knows that he is king should be, he mentally prepared for the task. ‘It is something that he always knew it would happen,” she says. “Therefore, I don’t think it a heavy burden.”

Prince William, heir to the throne after Charles, wish that his father was home more. ‘It would be nice if he had more time for the grandchildren to play,” says William. “When he is there, it is a lot of fun. We have him as much as possible.”

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