Multiple dead in shooting rampage in bar in USA

THOUSAND OAKS – at least twelve people are to the life by the shooting in a bar in the Us, Thousand Oaks (California). Also the alleged shooter is dead, messages to the American media.

Witnesses say that a man in the bar called Borderline walked in and opened fire. At that moment, hundreds of people have been present in the pub. Two crying women told journalists how, suddenly, the shots sounded, while a line dancing was going on. Then panic erupted. “We saw shots and smoke. He shot everything, even the speakers.”

The newspaper Ventura County Star reports on the authority of police officers on the spot that the perpetrator of thirty shots have been unloaded. There were still shots when the police arrived. One of the dead is an agent.

Agents that the bar entered, discovered that people everywhere were hiding. Bystanders had a safe refuge sought in toilets and even in crawlspaces in the attic. Others were running away and asked for medical assistance at a nearby gas station. On photos is to see that refugee people together to comfort and talk to the police.

The authorities have after the shooting roads in the area cordoned off and a helicopter, the airspace is submitted. Agents were shouting at bystanders that they distance had to keep.

Thousand Oaks is located about 50 miles west of Los Angeles. In the hit bar was a country evening for students on the program, reports NBC Bay Area.

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