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“Max Verstappen is a zeurkous”

We already know more than today that the relationship between Max Verstappen and Renault are far below the freezing point. The Dutchman takes no sheet before the mouth, but this time it is the Renault that him answer.

Max Verstappen has, especially during the current season will not miss a chance left for anyone who wants to hear to let you know that the Renault engine is the weakest link in his Red Bull RB14.

The French were in the majority of cases, not risen to the occasion and served the young Dutchman have always reply by the weaknesses of Red Bull to increase.

For each race, they put in Renault a travel blog on their official website and this week is no different. In that particular blog is there assesses the outlook for the race weekend, and there is also some info about the town where the race will continue.

When word of explanation about the city of Sao Paulo Renault with a surprising comparison on the gpu.

“The celebratory mood that prevails is one of the similarities between Mexico and Brazil,” is to be read in the ‘Travel blog.’ “Just as the huge population of the host cities. That is, in both cities approximately twenty million, or about the number of times that Max Verstappen about something gezeurd this year.”

Renault, or better ‘Team Enstone’, is known for their humorous messages on the social media but that Red Bull Racing also is not to his advantage. Something tells us that the last word on this has not yet been said or written… .

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