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Jommeke gets contemporary makeover

Jommeke is the ultimate classic Flemish comics, has a contemporary brother. ‘Jomme’ is the name of the new series, a tribute to Griffo to spiritual father Jef Nys.

Griffo, pseudonym for Werner Goelen, is itself a townsman and colleague of the late Jef Nys. He has now as an homage to his own key to the iconic cartoon character.

Jommeke and his straw roof to see a suit more modern: not only is the comic book hero is a little older, he exchanged the blue sweater for a trendy outfit and pulls out a skateboard.

‘Hunt on a Football’ is a reworking of the first Jommekesalbum ‘The Yacht on a Football’. The album is on sale for 7,95 euro.

Previously also got Suske & Wiske already a groeischeut in the series of ‘Amoras’, just as The Kiekeboes in ‘Fanny K’.

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