Heleen van Royen defends nude, Tanja Jess (51)

Tanja Jess pulls her clothes off for an Instagram post

“(B)back too far?…”, she asks her fans. Her own opinion about coming back in the hashtags. Girlpower and sensual over 50 say enough. Fans have to agree with her. “Beautiful! You should definitely be proud of.” Also compliments like ’sexy’ and ’nice ass’ to come over.

It surprises another fan also nothing that Tanja Jess ’beautiful body’. “Good doing a workout in the bedroom.” Has someone criticized her position – she is sitting with her back to the camera: “Sorry, prefer the front.” But exactly this choice speaks to the others again. “Very nice. Almost artistic.”

And when someone, the actress is still blame to attention, takes Heleen van Royen directly for her. “Every photo on Insta asks for attention, was that you have not noticed?”

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