Google boss: I’m sorry for tackling harassment

MOUNTAIN VIEW – The executive chairman of Google, Sundar Pichai, has apologised to all the staff for addressing harassment within the company. “We recognize that the past is not always properly dealt with and that I’m sincere. It is clear that we have to make some changes”, wrote Pichai Thursday in an e-mail to the staff.

Sundar Pichai.

He responded to a protest within Google last week. Tens of thousands of employees all over the world were collectively in their desk and walked to the outside. Such ’walkouts’ happened in Berlin, London, Chicago, New York, Singapore and at the headquarters in Mountain View. The employees were angry after reports that Android creator Andy Rubin was sent away with a severance payment of allegedly $ 90 million, while he was accused of rape. Google has, for the past years, approximately fifty people are dismissed because of sexual misconduct.

Pichai announces measures to make the life of Google to improve and become better. So it should be easier to report harassment. During the processing thereof, people should get more help.

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