Foreign media diving en masse for Emile Ratelband

Ratelband pleaded Monday for the court in Arnhem that he is younger feels than the age on his passport indicates. Therefore he is legally the age of twenty years, obviously. He compares the request with the change of gender of a transgender person on the passport.

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With Emile Ratelband at the judge: “Biological age 40 to 45’

Ratelband, who himself is now ” bewustzijnsverruimer’, and suffers in her own words-serious, under all practical constraints where as almost-seventy years of encounter. He states among other things that companies him not wanting to hire because he is 69. Moreover, it is Ratelband deeply insulted because he pension.

In addition, it would Ratelband, say that get more attention on Tinder if he / she does not need to ’lie’ about his legal age. The foreign media describe the DUTCH as “a Dutch pensioner” to “the man who has a supporting role encourage in Cars 2.”

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