For this reason, stopped Gisele Bundchen at Victoria’s Secret

“The first five years, I found it fine to model for lingerie. But with the time I felt less and less at my ease when I’m in a bikini or thong on the catwalk. Give me a tail, a cape, wings, everything is good if I me but a little bit can cover it”, writes Gisele in her autobiography Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

“I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity that I have had and the financial security that came to watch. But I was in a different stage in my life, I was just not sure if I still wanted to go with this work,” explains the 38-year-old supermodel.

When her contract renewed should be, came Gisele in a special way to her decision to stop. “I wrote on two pieces of paper the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. I crumpled the pieces of paper and put them in an empty tea glass. I closed my eyes and decided that the piece of paper that I would choose the only right decision would be.”

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