Experienced An Lemmens exciting night with Van Echelpoel?

Monday morning at 7 o’clock there appeared on the Facebook page of Van Echelpoel a video of An Lemmens. They wanted Van Echelpoel, thank you for the exciting night, but the host was come to know that he has a wife at home. “Actually, I send you now a filmke that thou art a thick, fat, voze scheefpoepende acorn art”, were her in no uncertain words.

The movie is actually intended for the promotion of the new clip of van Echelpoel and that is called “Dawarekiknie”. So Jef Van Echelpoel immediately an answer is given to the words of An Lemmens. The clip is viewable on YouTube. This publicity stunt seems to be already successful, because the movie is widely viewed and shared to Van Echelpoel’s name to purify.

(Nico Vanaken)

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