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Ethereum browser extension MetaMask with a new Privacy Mode

The popular Ethereum-Browserapp MetaMask receives an Update. Most important new feature in Version 5.0, the new Privacy Mode. So MetaMask would like to further expand its supremacy.

MetaMask is one of the most popular Wallets for Ethereum at all. As the company communicated well, was yesterday, Tuesday, the 6th. In November, the launch of Version 5.0.

To see how the Tweet is, has MetaMask placed in the Update value on the privacy of the users.

MetaMask with a new Privacy Mode

The Privacy Mode of MetaMask 5.0 developer Bobby Dresser, according to the most important new feature of the update.

Because a common Problem with MetaMask the disclosure of the ETH-address when using the Browser application. Thus, sites in which MetaMask, sensitive Wallet can read out information such as previous transactions and the account balance. These data can also use malicious Websites for Phishing Attempts.

This is to prevent the new Privacy Mode. Users can prohibit Websites from now on, the access to the Wallet data. A Website or dApp represents a request for Access, first a Pop-up:

MetaMask 5.0 Privacy-Mode-Pop-Up

The stated objective of the initiative is to make the Privacy Mode “to the Standard for all MetaMask-User”.

Another new feature is the compatibility with the Hardware Wallets in the Ledger and Trezor, however, is. As a result, users can store their Private Keys on one of the two Wallets, but at the same time, the MetaMask Features.

Top MetaMask

The MetaMask Team is working so diligently to improve the Wallet. What distinguishes MetaMask, is the bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. As the Team writes on their Website, users can Ethereum dApps run through the browser application without running a Full Node. The application runs company claims that on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the Brave Browser.

The objective of user-friendliness seems to be paying off, because MetaMask is with 1.3 million users, the most popular ETH-Wallet at all. Improvements to the surface for the benefit, therefore, the whole of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

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