Ecuador wants ex-president to trial for kidnapping

Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador, should be in his country appear before the judge for the kidnap of a opponent in 2012. Correa currently lives in Belgium. He is wanted by Interpol.

Correa was president of Ecuador from 2007 until last year. Wednesday, the Ecuadorian Supreme court, that he will judge will have to appear. This also applies to two former agents currently in the cell, and for the former chief of the intelligence service, Pablo Romero, who lives in Spain.

Correa is accused of the kidnapping to have been ordered by Fernando Balda, a member of the opposition in Ecuador. That was to Colombia fled but was in 2012 by a group of armed men in a car forced to a destination that is his homeland. The car was intercepted by the Colombian police, that the man could free.

The kidnappers were said to have acted in behalf of Correa. Who lives since last year in Belgium, the homeland of his wife. He claims innocence and says that his successor Lenin Moreno ‘plot ” against him has been set up.

Red alarm

Correa can only be convicted if a court in Ecuador, it appears, a trial in absentia is not possible. For the alleged risk he to seven years in prison.

Against Correa and Romero, Interpol issued a ‘red alert’, which means that they are wanted for extradition. To the Ecuadorian television said Correa for the judgment of the Hoogggerechtshof was known ” that he is absolutely nothing expected of the Ecuadorian judicial system’.

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