’Docu Avicii in movies for Oscars’


Tsikurishvili followed Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, four years for the documentary. The dj was becoming more and more popular, but personally it went worse and worse with Bergling. In 2016, he made known to no longer live to want to join.

“If you are talented, you will become part of a large machine, and that brings a lot of problems with it,” says Tsikurishvili to Variety. “You should be even more successful be even more records to break: more, more, more. Someone must at one point stop to say, otherwise you run yourself over.”

Avicii: True Stories is between 14 and 20 October will be screened in a theater in Los Angeles, and between 21 and 27 december in a room in New York. The documentary is currently on Netflix.

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