Chronicle of an announced clash: Trump and CNN journalist Jim Acosta

CNN reporter Jim Acosta can the White House not more inside as a journalist. That president Trump will decide after him yesterday openly the mantle uitveegde. But it was not the first time that Acosta collided with the president. We put some of the previous clashes at a glance.

Early 2017: Trump is just a couple of weeks elected, and one of his first press conferences about there already bovenarms on between him and Acosta.


Also Trumps consultants often have difficult with the journalist of CNN. As a senior advisor to Stephen Miller, in August 2017, not easy to be Trumps migration to defend.


Sarah Sanders, the spokesperson for Trump, most often with Jim Acosta to do. So he asked her at the beginning of August or the media or not, the enemy of the people. Rarely were the tensions in the press room of the White House so clearly.


A few weeks earlier had been there once bovenarms opgezeten between the two when Sanders said that Acosta ‘not even the short sentences of her could understand.


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