Ceferin only candidate presidency, UEFA

Aleksander Ceferin

The 51-year-old Slovenian completed two years ago, Michel Platini, who had resigned after he because a corruptiezaak was suspended by the global federation FIFA. Ceferin got the slotted voorzittersverkiezing preferred over the Dutch back Michael van Praag (42-13).

Ceferin had in August already know that he likes me as president of the UEFA. His proposal received wide support, including from the KNVB. ,,The president is doing very well, as we have encountered”, said Of Prague. ,,It is obvious that we have him in a new candidate to support.”

Up to 8 november, had opponents run the next time to log in, but no one wants to be in February at the verkiezingscongres in Rome against Ceferin. It therefore seems certain that the Go over the next four years, the UEFA will lead.

The members of the UEFA are allowed to also cast their vote for the occupation of four other functions. The Hungarian Sándor Csányi has themselves for re-election held for the position of vice president at FIFA. The Englishman Greg Clarke and the Northern Irishman David Martin are vying for the position of vice-president for the British trade unions is reserved to FIFA. Reinhard Grindel from Germany, the Portuguese Fernando Gomes and Georgios Koumas from Cyprus and hope to be re-elected in the so-called council of the global bond.

Prague was last year, was re-elected in the executive committee of the UEFA. The KNVB boss, which, since 2009, this top some day holds in the European union, is now serving his last term.

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