Bram van der Vlugt makes jubileumstuk

Vogel tells about Martinus, an old man in an abandoned railway station and lives with his grandson looking back on his life. Together they look to what happened in the war exactly happened and what Martinus all those years tucked away.

Thirty-Thijs Prein (actor) and Roelof Pothuis (set designer) learned the old master to know in a other production. That was the plan for the oorlogsverhaal of Preins grandfather to tell on the stage. Thomas Verbogt writes together with Prein the scenario; Peter Vandemeulebroecke signs for the director.


The premiere of Bird is on the 23rd of march in the Royal Theatre in The Hague; the show is also seen on the birthday of Bram van der Vlugt in may 2019.

Van der Vlugt is already for several decades in the theater and was seen in dozens of acclaimed films and series. He was also more than a quarter century of santa Claus. The actor received numerous prizes and awards, including a Louis d’or. He is also a Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion.

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