’Brad Pitt frustrated immensely vechtscheiding’

“Angelina is purely there for him through the mud to pick up, something that Brad worries. He thinks that the harmful consequences for the future of their children can have,” says an insider.

Pitt sees no problem in an equivalent custody, but he thinks Jolie otherwise. They still want that one-sided custody of their offspring, for which she is prepared to go far in the courtroom. Brad thinks that the six men already suffered enough under their mutual guys really and want as quickly as possible an end to the ’vechtscheiding’.

An independent evaluator has been on the matter deposited, which is december 4, prevents. In all likelihood, takes a number of weeks, much to the chagrin of Pitt, who is well aware of the fact that the children via the social media of everything to know about the quarrel between their parents.

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