Boksshow with Olcay Gülsen attracts few viewers

This is evident from the figures of the Foundation for sight examination that Thursday have been published. The first episode of the program with Olcay Gülsen and Ruben Nicolai pulled 273.00 viewers. The program has no place acquired in the top 25 of best viewed programs.

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Other shows that their downward trend of the past few weeks could not return, the SBS-show movie Star search with Tim Oliehoek, only 103.000 viewer is pulled, and RTL Late Night with Twan Huys, where 281.000 people for opbleven.

The best viewed programmes of the evening were the football game Benfica-Ajax (2 million viewers), the NOS News (1.9 million) and AVROTROS-classic Between Art and Kitsch (almost 1.5 million).

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