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Bitfury is the European Blockchain-heavy weight

In a new capital round of Bitfury collects a total of $ 80 million from a variety of investors. The money also Galaxy Digital crypto-lenders-veteran Mike Novogratz.

The Blockchain-companies Bitfury receives a new injection of capital. As the company on Tuesday, may 6. November, via Twitter announced, was able to win the Dutch Start-up well-known Investment firms such as Macquarie Capital, Galaxy Digital and the Armat Group as a donor.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Bitfury,” said Novogratz. He added that the various attributes of the company “were crucial for the further development of the underlying Bitcoin Ecosystem”.

The leading Investor was, according to a press release, however, Korelya Capital from Paris. Antoine Dresch, founder and Manager at Korelya justified the entry as follows:

“We will go with Bitfury as the main investor in an incredibly exciting time for the company and the Blockchain Ecosystem.”

With the new Funding, the company from Amsterdam claims to be the more than one billion US-Dollar value and, therefore, to the articles of Association of the Global Unicorn club, a Blockchain-unicorn.

“Bitfury has developed from a small Start-up to the largest of the Western unicorn, the Blockchain, which is equipped with a first-class leadership and Expertise and consistently innovative solutions for the entire Ecosystem of Blockchain.”

Bitfury on a course of expansion

The Funding round comes at a time of Expansion for Bitfury. Rumor has it that the Mining company is planning an IPO.

Bitfury, which describes itself as the “world’s leading Full-Service Blockchain-companies”, establishes, among other things, the Mining Hardware. The capital injection will flow into the further development of the sectors of Artificial intelligence and High-Performance Computing, such as the founder Valery Vavilov notify to the Medium:

“2018 was a year of incredible Expansion for Bitfury. This [Capital increase] reflects as a result, our benefits and recognizes our ability to exploit related market segments in the area of high performance computing, also in new technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI). The institutionalization of the Blockchain and crypto-currencies, which goes hand in hand with the possibility of these new technologies, is a natural expansion opportunity, on the Bitfury is build – in 2019 and beyond.“

In Europe, Bitfury is unrivaled. The IPO, the company could, therefore to a European counter-weight to the Asian industry giants such as Bitmain. In 2017 Bitfury was able to generate at least a turnover of 450 million US dollars.

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