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Bitcoin Mining: Bitmain is offering new ASIC Chips

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin Mining equipment has announced that it will, in the future, new devices from the home of the Chinese technology companies. The Release date has been announced by the company via Tweet.

Bitmain – a controversial company

Bitcoin Mining does not have the best reputation. Whether it is to commemorate the greatest environmental disaster since the people or in the long run the better Alternative to VISA and others-is seen but is, in fee arguments. The same applies for its Distribution – after all, a single company is in possession of the largest Pools of Bitcoin miners, and this was also: Bitmain. Here, too, there was in the past, numerous debates, which led even so far as to assume that Bitmain could destroy Bitcoin.

These adverse events last October, then came the personal exchange, which provided, ultimately, for competition from within its own ranks. Here it was, the former Chip-Designer, Yang Zuo Xing, decided to short-hand, even in the Mining business.

Release date for new Miner officially

All of this prevents the Mining manufacturers are not going to continue to work on the expansion of its business field. The company announced the new Antminer S15 and T15. With these, you can be mining bitcoins, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and other crypto-currencies based on SHA-256 algorithm. By the company as a “next-generation ASIC Miner” Mining equipment will include the new 7nmASIC Chips, which will have a significant impact on the Hash Rate. As you can see from the Tweet of the company, you can order the new Miner since today (8.11.2018) online:

In the Wake of the announced IPO of the Chinese company, it was recognized recently by the punitive tariffs of the US President, Donald Trump. Local media went to the extent of saying that Bitmain by these punitive tariffs on the most affected are likely to be. Half of its sales, the company is ultimately Overseas, of which 94 per cent fall on the business with Bitcoin-Mining devices.

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