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Bitcoin Cash: Poloniex sold Option to Hard-Fork Token

Bitcoin Cash is at the 15. November is a Hard Fork before. Poloniex does not already offers options on the Token – although it’s still there.

The Hard Fork for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is over one week (15. November), and yet Poloniex sold already Token for the new Coins. Or the Option for it. How is this possible? Pre-Fork Trading is called the strategy.

How does Pre-Fork-Trading?

Hard Forks promise of a new Token; it comes to an Update of the consensus rules, and then to a fork of the Blockchain of a Cryptocurrency. Who is now in the possession of his Private key (from the old Chain), and later the “new” Token. So it is, as well as in the current case of Bitcoin Cash is often to course rallies in respect of upcoming Hard fork. Because users hope to gain from the respective Hard Forks, the so-called “free money” – finally you get through the cleavage of additional tokens.

Poloniex now offers with Pre-Fork Trading an Alternative to this System. For those who want to buy BCH and still have the privilege on the new Token is secure, you can do so at Poloniex. Because the stock exchange, the daughter, the Circle is under the protection umbrella of Goldman Sachs, offers the options on the new Fork-Token. Users can secure to the Option on Bitcoin Cash ABC or Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi’s Vision).

As you can see from the Blog entry, the stock exchange, in terms of the BCH Hard-Fork during the 15. November between 14:00 UTC and 15:00 UTC to a short-term stop of the exchange for all actions in relation to BCH.


Currently, the price stands for the crypto-currency at 595 dollars. So Bitcoin is Cash at a weekly increase of 40 percent and a monthly increase of 14.8 percent. In the last 24 hours of the BCH-rate fell to six percent.

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