Belgian hear 15 years imprisonment and TBS requirements after months of incarcerations, and rape

Brussels – A 22-year-old man Wednesday to 15 years imprisonment and TBS against him, hear the requirements after two times, a young woman for months had trapped and raped. Except the suspect is also his father: he would have been aware of what his son did, but did not. Against him is a prison sentence of two years required.

In 2016, ended the then 20-year-old man and a minor, mentally handicapped girl for more than two months and raped her repeatedly.

The Belgian would be in 2016, a relationship started with the girl, who is mentally 13 years old. He convinced her to join him in pulling and closed her then for months under terrible circumstances. “Her statements show that she repeatedly was raped. They got to the three days for a sandwich and had to wash themselves in a bucket. When she was found she could barely walk and did the sunlight hurt her eyes, as there was no window in the basement,” the public prosecutor’s office. The girl would also be severely abused and manipulated.

The sister of the accused took the minor girl eventually and informed the police.

Second victim

In may 2017, the Brussels man for the offence, is released. Three days later, he was already a new victim, writes VRT. The young woman pulled the suspect and his father. When the police, the defendant again was on the trail, he fled together with his second victim to France. There were the two in a shoplifting caught and arrested. Individually the two were interrogated. The girl declared that they held and raped. She was currently 22 weeks pregnant with the suspect, but she was fourteen pounds since they barely eat.

Psychopathic traits

The 22-year-old suspect by a psychiatrist determined that he is psychopathic, and sadistic traits. Also does he, according to the expert do not have an empathic ability. According to the prosecutor, it is likely that the suspect again the error will go.

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