Asia Bibi from prison’

The Hague – The Pakistani christian Asia Bibi is released from prison. That says, the Foundation Help Persecuted Christians, who earlier this week Bibi’s lawyer to Holland. In addition to Bibi is also he threatened.

The Pakistani christian Asia Bibi is released from prison.

Rumors that Bibi on the road would be to the Netherlands, have not been confirmed. The Pakistani sat for years and Pakistani death row because of the suspicion of insulting the prophet Muhammad. Recently she was acquitted, which infuriated hordes of angry muslims in the street went in order to obtain the death penalty. Bibi’s lawyer, Ul-Malook fled to the Netherlands and wants to seek asylum.

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Pakistani media are reporting that there is a special ambassador of the Netherlands to the prison would have come. Foreign Affairs this, however, can not confirm, nor that of Asia Bibi, a visa is issued. In theory, there could also be a Schengen-visa can be issued by a different European country.

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