’All units Boeing Max can be defective Lion Air’

AMSTERDAM – Update – the failure of The in Indonesia crashed plane from Lion Air can also be at other aircraft types 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 avoid. Reports that the American vliegautoriteit FAA. In the disaster were 189 people killed. The Dutch Corendon has one Max-device and has never experienced a lot of pain, but says immediate action to have taken.

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“We are reporting this because we, after evaluating all relevant information, thinking that the unsafe situation is likely also in other devices will prevent, or can develop,” writes the FAA a warning.

A broken sensor is the problem which is spoken. Through the defect was incorrect information about the air flows in the system. This can lead to mold, also known as ’stall’, where the wing are load-bearing strength, the nose is forward rotation, and the device quickly starts to descend.

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Body angle is crucial

“If pilots are no longer on the sensor, you will understand that it is life-threatening,” explains luchtvaartverslaggever Paul Eldering. “The combination of speed and body angle are crucial. But that know the pilots.”

If such a defect arises, should the pilots in the grab. That the pilots of Lion Air insufficient can do, it seems. “The research is not completed yet, but the FAA provides for the security of this warning,” said Eldering.

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According to the FAA it is a urgent security issue’. The authority shall lay down in a kind of roadmap of what actions the pilots must take if they suddenly with the problem to be faced.

One device in the Netherlands

The Max variant is brand new. “Much more economical and with all sorts of gadgets. Worldwide fly there only 250 around, but in the meantime, there are five thousand already ordered. It is a huge success. But a new type, with light, material and low consumption, can teething problems,” said Eldering.

Of the Dutch companies is Corendon Dutch Airlines to be the first Max aircraft it has bought. In the coming years, there will be more, just like with other companies. “We have the warning given, and we look the device is technically after”, responds Corendonbaas Atilay Uslu.

“Also, we are studying the procedures for the security again, as the FAA describes it. We have no technical problems. Incidentally, this unit is the most efficient, really the device of the future.”

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