24th edition of short film Festival Leuven puts Poland in the spotlight

On 1 december the 24th edition of the short film Festival Leuven will start. A week long, more than 220 films from young up-and-coming film talent from home and abroad. This year is more focused on short films from Poland. Also actress Maaike Neuville and muziekfilmcomponist Raf Keunen be in the spotlight.

The organizers chose Poland because of the strong filmtraditie and thriving contemporary film culture of the country. So conquered Pawel Pawlikovski this year in Cannes the prize for best director with the film ‘Cold War’.

During the short film Festival Leuven be spread across two programs, ten Polish short films will be screened. In addition, the duo SzaZa the screening of a compilation of six early short films by Roman Polanski-live guide. There is in the courtyard of the PIECE will also be an exhibition about Poland with illustrations and in various costumes, singing of artists from that country who are using a smartphone to life can be awakened.

In the framework of the Flemish League Fiction, 25 new short films will be screened with the first productions of Iwein Segers and Ish Ait Hamou. As always, there are also Flemish competitions for animation and documentary, and the European competition for fiction. Other categories are ‘Comedy Shorts’, ‘Virtual Reality’, ‘Oscar Shorts’, ‘The Lab’, ‘Animations Nations’, and Short films for children.

The Flemish Audiovisual Fund reaches four ‘Wildcards’ to students from Flemish film schools that promising projects made. There are also gastvoorstellingen such as “the choice of Canvas’, ‘Humo Award’ and ‘Arts Evening’.

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