Voters complaint against Republican candidate Georgia

In Georgia, won the Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp 50.7% of the vote while his Democratic tegenkandidate Stacey Abrams 48,8% achieved. Kemp is confident of his victory writes Politically Georgia. Abrams, by contrast, expected on 4 december with a runoff, new election if the results are too close to each other.

Earlier tonight refused to Abrams himself won. “I promise you tonight that we ensure that every vote is counted,” she said. They would be the first female African-American governor.

Earlier in the election night became known that voters in the state have submitted a complaint against Kemp. The Republican is currently secretary of state, so he is responsible for the organisation of elections and the registration process. And just in Georgia, there are suspicions of voter suppression (keeping the voter of the ballot box). The complainants demanded that Kemp was out of control to exercise over the state.

Kemp is accused of conflict of interest, because he is a candidate and at the same time responsible for the regulations around the elections. Certainly in Georgia is that sensitive, since tens of thousands of mainly black voters could not register due to the increased legislation around their identification.

The complainants asked that the current governor of Georgia, a substitute indicates for Kemp, who is not affiliated with the Republican or his campaign, to the election of Tuesday and possibly runoffs to coordinate. It is still unclear whether there are runoffs organized.

Voters in Georgia have Tuesday hours in the row have to stand for their voice to be able to cast, because several of the voting machines were faulty. As a result of different polling stations longer than planned opengebleven, reported Abrams on Twitter.

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