Victor Campenaerts saves Fanny Lecluyse on the hook

Last night were Yves Lampaert and Sanne Cant voted Flandrien(ne) of 2018. Fellow cyclist Victor Campenaerts was also of the party, with at his side, no less than topzwemster Fanny Lecluyse.

Victor Campenaerts saw in the Kursaal of Ostend, the price for Flandrien 2018 just to his nose passing. Belgian champion Yves Lampaert if the grand prize is to receive, just as world champion cyclocross Sanne Cant. Nevertheless, the Belgian and European champion time trial quite a bit of attention from the press. The 27-year-old man from antwerp starred on the red carpet with his new girlfriend Fanny Lecluyse, 2015 European champion in the 200 m breaststroke.

The spark jumped over at the last european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Glasgow, when Lecluyse her last race swim and had Campenaerts the European tijdrittitel had conquered. “Then we have something to go for a drink with the riders, in a place where the swimmers happen to be also were. That way, we are talking hit”, sounds.

Campenaerts had long been a boon for the West-Flemish swimmer. “I used to swim and I’ve always had a soft spot for Fanny. Apparently she knew me not when I still swam,” said Campenaerts, which, on the swimming area still can not follow. “Fanny swims every day. During the off-season in this period, I also sometimes. Yesterday I asked yet or they have for me from wanted clouds and I was difficult to her to follow”, he chuckled. “I will give him the next time what to save. He deserves that, because I find it an honor to be on the Gala of the Flandrien on his side to be allowed to stand”, decided Lecluyse.

Last year’s played – or rather ‘painted’ – Campenaerts already in the spotlight due to his love life. During the time trial in the Tour of Italy etaleerde his bare chest with the painted inscription ‘Carlien dating?’. The answer was ‘yes’, but it is ultimately nothing.

“It was a lot of fun and we are going to good friends remain, but it’s nothing. So is everything said about it. They will be for me to continue cheering. Good friends do that,” was the when.

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