Van Bommel puts journalist in place

Mark van Bommel

,,This is the youngest team of all the participants in the Champions League and these young guests have to the bitter end fought,’ said Van Bommel.

During the press conference in Wembley stadium was the PSV-coach accused his team to defensive in the second half and as a result the short end of the drew. He is now sitting, as was said, with the last place left.

There was an entertaining discussion.

Van Bommel, against the English reporter: well,,, you Have this group look? Do you have the names of the clubs?’

Reporter: ,,Yes, yes…’

Van Bommel: ,,When the draw took place, who was expecting you in this group in the first place would come?’

Reporter: ,,Eeeeh, er…’

Van Bommel: ,,Come on, who thought you?’

Reporter: ,,Barcelona.’

Van Bommel: ,,And on the second place? Put you immediately PSV down?’

Reporter: , Well, I don’t know. Everything is possible.’

Van Bommel did not los: ,,You have to be realistic. Inter and Tottenham are big clubs. Tottenham has a selection with a lot of quality. That is also the reason why you will be reduced as a team. Of course, you often want the ball and have longer in possession of the ball. But you play against a great opponent.’

And yet started also Van Bommel to hope that his team went stunt. The longer the 0-1 on the scoreboard was, the more he was thinking of a victory. ,,The sense of what our supporters had, I had at one point. The interaction between the fans and the team was also wonderful. It is not often that your team after a defeat, even a standing ovation from the fans.’

Van Bommel commented one player. Goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet of course. ,,I must him a great compliment. He has an excellent match played.’

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