Tygo Gernandt delves into GHB epidemic

In this four part series explains Tygo Gernandt and the Brabant GHB epidemic exposed. He goes on with the users and the dealers, following the police raids in drugspanden and chases of users under the influence.

“I am very shocked at what I during the making of this series have found. A weekend long I struggled with the question of whether I have a camera on these vulnerable users mócht. Together with the EO, I decided to do this, because I got the harrowing story about GHB wants to tell, has to tell. In the series get GHB-users a face, which the viewer will learn to understand why they live the life that they lead,” he says.

According to physician-epidemiologist Esther Croes from the Trimbos Institute in the past year, 50,000 people GHB used and are currently 1000 people in the addiction treated for their GHB addiction. A whopping 70% of the rehabilitated users back. “With ‘Tygo in the GHB’, I hope to change. In this series, go see what you haven’t saw before. That is scaring, but looking away is no longer an option.”

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