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Twitter: Fake Accounts, Elon Musk’s Scam Bitcoin

On 5. November chopped Criminals, apparently, Twitter Accounts of the Tesla bosses and PayPal co-founder Elon Musk. In several Tweets she promised to distribute over 10,000 Bitcoins to participate, it is necessary to transmit only a small Bitcoin amount to the address indicated. Then you would get a larger sum back. It was promised to be the largest “crypto-Giveaway” in the story, at the end of a typical case of Cybercrime.

Meanwhile, the Tweets were deleted and there are only Screenshots of the same. These were, in turn, distributed on Twitter and on various media.

If you believe the Screenshots that have been hacked several Accounts on the popular entrepreneur. In different Tweets, each different Bitcoin were specified addresses. While in various Reports published Bitcoin address, however, contains only about 19 transactions with a value of 0.4 Bitcoin, is likely to be the magazine’s Quartz address much sensational: 28 Bitcoin are received, so more than 175,000 US dollars.

Bitcoin Scam: naivety or a clever attempt at deception?

One of the Twitter sources, which have spread the Screenshots, commented on the message:

“If you fall for it, you deserve to be cheated.”

At first glance, it is pure naivety to send clueless Bitcoins to on the Internet that is circulating on the address. You have to keep the Injured party, but to the benefit of, all the same, officially confirmed the Accounts of Elon Musk published the Tweets. In addition, there are always theories, according to which Musk, the founder of Bitcoin. Someone ought to believe these theories, would not be a fair Giveaway so unlikely – especially since it always comes Adopters to Bitcoin gifts Early.

May be this was for one reason or another, enough, little risk capital.

However, the applied mesh is quite coarse. Why should Elon Musk first accept Bitcoin, and then more? Much more original and also risk-free, appears to be a mystery, with an anonymous source in October, about 310 Bitcoin gave away.

But, unfortunately, such Scams are not new. Apparently, however, there are still enough people who fall for it. Just Elon Musk has spoken out in like several other entrepreneurs, in July negative to such a Giveaway Scams. A little Research would have been able to protect the Injured party.

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