Trump voted by post: record number of Americans with him

Washington – President Trump has through the post already early voted. And with him a record number of Americans. Everything seems to point to a great turnout this mid-term losses. Despite rain along nearly the entire east coast to report polling stations large crowds.

Around the 38.9 million people have early voted. That is considerably more than four years ago, when voted yet 20.5 million people early. The research Electproject think that the turnout around 45%, which is considerably more than the 36% from four years ago.

President Trump has also been through the post early voting, in New York, the state where he is officially still as a voter is registered. Also, Melania Trump and voted by post. Said called, via Twitter, particularly from ’red’ to vote, the color of the Republicans.

Benefits of early voting

It is still the question of which party is going to benefit from all those early votes. It is still unclear whether this relates to people who would otherwise not vote, or people who otherwise have personally had come to vote. Also, it is still unclear which party the votes.

In some places will be problems with the votes reported. But these problems do not ’have a significant influence on the voting process’. In Georgia ensure technical problems with voting machines to long lines.

Campaign on Twitter

Although campaigning on election day does not actually happen, the campaign on Twitter. President Trump, election day in the White House spends after 11 campagnespeeches in eight days, tweet endorsements to Republican candidates.

On the Democratic side is calling former president Obama to vote “to the course of the country in a positive way to change.” Also former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton calls the vote: “in The past two years we have seen how this government, our democracy and attacks and undermines. Today we say: enough.”

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