Trump threatens Democrats with tegenonderzoeken

WASHINGTON – As the Democrats their newly acquired majority in the House of Representatives use to make all sorts of investigations to Donald Trump and his entourage to begin with, will the president not be left unanswered. “Then we will be forced to examine to consider after all the leaks of secret information and a lot of other business from the Senate,” said Trump on Twitter.

President Trump

It was his first substantive comment on the election results. The Democrats get the majority of seats in the House in the hands. That gives them the ability to examine to set to, for example, the tax forms, etc of the president, where Democratic politicians has long been aces. But in the Senate to keep the Republicans their majority.

Trump believes his Republican Party is praiseworthy for the election results. About “talking heads” on television who think otherwise tells Trump that she is “nepnieuws”.

For Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, had Trump remarkably warm words. “In all honesty, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be president, to be elected by the Democrats. If they are its difficult to make, we will maybe some Republican votes to add. She has this great honor earned”, tweeted the president.

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