Trump puts out a hand to Democrats after ‘overwhelming success Republicans’

Trump puts out a hand to Democrats after 'overwhelming success Republicans'

The American president Donald Trump Wednesday opened the door for cooperation with the Democrats in the House, where Republicans have the majority have lost. “There are a lot of great things that we can do together,” said Trump, in his first speech after the American elections.

Trump started to emphasize that his Republican party did extremely well in the mid-term elections for the Senate. “Our result in the Senate is the best result for a sitting president in decades, put Trump from shore. “We have at least two Republican senators, probably more. Obama lost in his first mid-term elections, in 2010, six Democratic senators.’ Also the governors who took on a pat on the back rekenenen.

For the results of the candidates for the House of Representatives, where the Republicans lose had to endure – he had less attention. There was, however, a comparison with its predecessor: “Even in the House of Representatives scored Obama in 2010 is very poor. He lost more than sixty Democrats. I’m only a 27-many Republican seats in the House lost, ” says Trump.

Striking was also the reference to the Republican candidates that are aid refused, and the vote lost: the president is convinced that the outcome would have been if he still had the privilege of helping. Trump: ‘Candidates my policy of strong borders and strict judges have endorsed, and are rewarded for it. Others that have distanced themselves form my policy, are punished. I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad.”

Cooperation with Democrats

Then put the Us president’s hand to Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic chairman of the House. “I hope we can work together. There are quite a lot reasons to do that. Pelosi spoke about unity and co-operation between our parties, and I appreciate that very much. The time will decide how that ends.’ Trump is more in the area of health care, and infrastructure capabilities to a joint policy.

Then immediately warned Trump the Democrats, however, for their time, not wasting it on what he ‘unnecessary investigations’. “The Democrats in the House are allowed to search for what they want to me to make life difficult, they will find nothing. Indeed, there is nothing. I am also better in that game than they are.’

Not sarcastic

After his speech took on Trump extensive time to answer questions of journalists to answer. On one of those questions he said that he is the extended hand to the Democrats actually mean it. “I mean, this is certainly not a sarcastic’, he stressed.

“I truly believe that I will be with Pelosi can work together and that we conduct our business. The Democrats can come to us with proposals and we will use it to negotiate. Maybe there is a deal, but maybe not.’

The question of whether he was at the next presidential election, in 2020, again, Mike Pence would choose as his running mate, pushed Trump on the spot to Pence, who is in the audience sat. Pence was entitled to, and it seemed the request to accept

“No power games to play”

Earlier in the day had Trump on Twitter, the Democrats also warned not study him to open it in the House.

“If the Democrats think that they taxpayers’ money can squander by examining to us to open in the House, then we will be forced to consider them, too, to examine for any leaks of secret information, at the level of the Senate. That game we can play, ” said president Trump.

Now the Democrats to put in the House they would, for example, deeper can dig in the links between Trumps campaign team and Russia in the run-up to the presidential elections of 2016. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller works subject to an investigation, Trump himself speaks consistently of a ‘witch hunt’.

An impeachment procedure against Trump, which the Democrats for quite some time calls – makes as good as no chance. An impeachment requires a two-thirds majority to be approved and also the Senate must about it bending. In that Senate the Republicans Wednesday their majority just reinforced it.

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