Trump: ‘Huge success’

The Us president, Donald Trump has the mid-term elections from Tuesday on Twitter a ‘huge success’. His Republican party retained the majority in the Senate, but lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

‘Huge success this evening. Thank you to everyone!’, tweette the president.

Previously declared spokeswoman of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is already on the press that the president ‘a good evening’ politely. ‘Currently, we feel good, so far it is a good evening for the president, ” said Sanders shortly after known was touched that the Republicans the seat of the Democratic senator from Indiana, Joe Donnelly, had conquered. She spoke of “an important moment” for the president.

“If we look at the candidates that the president have embraced, his policies have embraced, and for whom the president’s campaign has fought hard and has worked, we will see tonight that this has been fruitful,” said Sanders.


About the loss of the House of Representatives said Sanders that ‘the agenda of the president will not change, regardless of which party it is. She said she hopes that the Democrats ‘round the table and will come and sit with the president will work together to also really a few problems to solve’.

“We still want to do something with infrastructure, and certainly on immigration,” she said.

On the question of whether ‘a blue wave of the Democrats have at least one transition had completed in Washington, said Sanders not. ‘Perhaps there is indeed a ripple, ” she said.

President Trump, in the meantime, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House, called to congratulate her with the Democratic success in the House of Representatives.

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