Trump have nothing on style or policy change

President Donald Trump congratulated Nancy Pelosi with the Democratic victory in the House, and was grateful for her call for collaboration. At the same time seem to be the Republicans their majority in the Senate not only to hold, but still expand. The U.s. Congress is thus – just like the land between the two great parties divided.

A Republican Senate and a Democratic House of Representatives: this time get the pillars right. The Republican majority in both chambers of Congress is so broken, because the Democrats …

A Republican Senate and a Democratic House of Representatives: this time get the pillars right. The Republican majority in both chambers of Congress is so broken, because the Democrats – for that purpose 23 seats extra needed to win – have the House tonight recaptured.

Nancy Pelosi, who under president Barack Obama already was the president of the House, has been a overwinningstoespraak kept, and got from president Trump a phone call with congratulations. Pelosi promised that the Democrats in full transparency, the House would run, and noted that America has had enough of the divisiveness, and the people of ‘peace’ wants to see, ‘and results’. Pelosi tries again speaker of be, have already several Democrats have already said that they are not for her in that role, will vote.


In the Senate the Democrats, as expected, many times more difficult for the Republican majority to break. For this, it had the opposition not only ten Senaatszetels defend in states where Trump has won, but there is also another two in the win. The results are yet to be counted, but it is almost inconceivable that the Grand Old Party there to lose control.

In Texas does Ted Cruz stand against his Democratic challenger Beto O’rourke. The conservatives in the Senate even well on the way to their majority to strengthen, inter alia, by the loss of Democratic senator Claire McCaskill, in the landbouwstaat Missouri, where Trump in 2016 convincingly won. McCaskill put the thumbs against Josh Hawley, the young pro-Trump attorney-general of that state, in his place to the Senate leaves.


Gekleurder and feminine House

The House of Representatives looks by Democratic victories than what gekleurder and feminine after the election of Tuesday. As widely expected, send the Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York, to the House, her 29, the youngest member of the parliament. For the first time in the House of two muslim women elected. And in Virginia, a state which, a generation ago, still solid Republican, books Democratic women beautiful victories. Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA agent who for three years was in Brussels, Dave Brat, a celebrity of the utterly conservative Tea Party, defeated. But former gevechtspilote Amy McGrath explained in a very Republican district in Kentucky, then again the thumbs for her rival Andy Barr.

No blue wave

Despite the Democratic gains in the House America is not inundated by a ‘blue wave’. A triumphal march is no question, certainly in view of the disappointments that the Democrats (probably) swallowing in a number of gouverneursraces. Stacey Abrams, the first black female governor could be heading for a loss in the southern state of Georgia (but the end result is not yet known), and the (also black) Andrew Gillum has his defeat against Trumps candidate Ron DeSantis in Florida already admitted it.

What does this mean for Trump?

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s call for cooperation to harvest the divided America so also a sharply divided Congress. In the House the Democrats are a number of studies (more corruption) to boot, and Trumps board from now on, much sharper under the microscope.

But with a Republican Senate, there can be an impeachment procedure, no, and we can probably have a block on some of the big themes to expect. With their majority in the Senate, can the Republicans be undisturbed and proceed with their appointment of a series of federal judges and thus the judiciary is even more conservative colors.

Now the Senate at least another two years in Republican hands, Donald Trump feel empowered to continue on the path. With the departure of the moderate Republican senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker are several Trump-critics now out of his sight. But Trump will his style especially loyal since multiple candidate senators during the campaign explicitly on his side got, for that by the voters are also rewarded.

Donald Trump thanked the Democrate Nancy Pelosi for her willingness to cooperate. Waiting to see how long a conciliatory tone endures. With this election result can Trump to his herverkiezingscampagne in 2020 to draw, with as little as possible, plan to also but something about his style and his policies to change.

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