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TRON has more than 1 Million transactions per day

TRON has more than 1 Million transactions per day

Home News TRON has more than 1 Million transactions per day

Marcel Knobloch –

The often controversial project TRON has to offer on the Banner is written Ethereum competition, and to develop an Ecosystem that the arch-enemy in all areas and wants to overtake. The founder of TRON has announced that TRON was recorded for the first time, more than a Million transactions in a single day. TRON is one of the youngest yet most ambitious ventures in the crypto market.

CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, has communicated to vai Twitter of his Community, that TRON has reached another milestone: 1 Million transactions in a single day. So TRON is recorded for the first time, more transactions than Ethereum. It should be noted, however, that there are many more important parameters, in order to measure the actual success of a crypto project.

Experts in the industry disktuieren currently, where does this rapid growth and increase in the volume within the TRON network. An important factor seems to be, however, the Adoption of BitTorrent present, who have contributed with an active customer base of more than 100 million users, a significant contribution to this positive development.

TRON has BitTorrent bought in July for $ 140 million, after already since the beginning of the year, those rumors were put forward. BitTorrent is one of the largest File Sharing networks in the world, and was supposed to have up to 40% of the total Internet traffic is processed. Justin Sun justified the purchase of the platform, especially the TRON Foundation will use the underlying Peer-to-Peer Protocol, in order to make the Internet decentralized, and the full potential of this technology to the full.

Important here is that project Atlas is that BitTorrent will connect you to the Blockchain of TRON in a number of Protocol extensions. This BitTorrent has integrated the TRX-Token in the network, in order to create an incentive system for the use of the Ecosystem. Users get a reward, if you provide more computing power for the network, and thus an added value for all actors involved deliver.

TRON is a wide-stellts project that is not only an Alternative to Fiat money, in want to ask, but also a platform for the development of distributed applications. Whether it can actually run Ethereum at some point the rank must be completed.

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