To stay or leave? Now, what is the plan of Annick?

On samensmeltingseiland Himbuyan are the Robinsons relieved that Lesley is gone. Especially Annick runs on clouds, even though they themselves had already indicated that they the expedition wants to leave. “I am now surrounded by the people I it all gun. With Lesley it had I not.” But when Arnaude bit later, the home starts to miss, suggests Annick that she might have a week longer wants to continue. So can Arnaude leave.

And then the immuniteitsproef. A nerve-wracking domino game determines who, when He lands on the winnaarseiland. A aartsparadijs with a soft bed and more than enough food. There may be the expedition on Himbuyan only dream of, between their sparse meals. Annick goes out for the immunity.

In addition to musing about Winnaarseiland is lustig speculated about the voting behaviour of the other Robinsons. Imke, Arnaude and Nele search each other because they fear that the men might agree to gang up, but which game plays Annick?

Expedition Robinson – Tomorrow 20u35 at FOUR

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