Tjens Matic takes Arno back to the roots

It is said that cats have 9 lives…., but Arno can look back on several lives if you are repertoire oversees. Arno Hintjens, 69 years of age in the meantime, think long to stop. On the contrary! He wants us to get acquainted with the incendiary and exciting seventies and eighties, “because we have more anarchy need”.

Together with three rocking musicians brings Arno a number of new songs and some older work. First there was Tjens Couter, T. C. Matic … And now – after more than 36 years – Tjens Matic! It is never too late to be a “new” band. New is of course relative, Tjens Matic is a contraction of Tjens Couter and T. C. Matic, the first two groups. Arno Hintjens brings his own early repertoire back to life. Songs like “Gimme what I need”, “The milkcow”, “Viva Boema” , “Bye bye till the next time” as well as “Putain Putain” and “ Oh la la la “ are on the program. Together with bassist Mirko Banovic, guitarist Bruno Fevery and drummer Laurens Smagghe, he gives the rock from Tjens Couter and the angular pop of T. C. Matic a new glow. “Today I am frustrated by the rock; it is to be a good boy” gives Arno. “Because I was nostalgic, I would be rocking like before the years of Coca Zéro and the whole bazaar …” You have been warned !

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