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The volatility of Bitcoin Futures at historic lows

Stable Coin Bitcoin? The volatility of the futures contract on the Options exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) follows the Trend of the overall market and was recorded in October 2018, a historic low.

The Bitcoin volatility is still declining. Since October of this year, this statement applies not only to the overall market, but also for the Future options of the CBOE in Chicago. Kevin Davitt, a Senior Staff Instructor at the Cboe Global Markets, informs on YouTube, has decreased the volatility of the Bitcoin Futures on the Chicago stock exchange since the launch in December 2017 constant.

Bitcoin Anniversary

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The monthly volatility of the Futures fell in the weekly means of 28,23% in December 2017 to just 6.58 per cent in October 2018. Compared to an average of 15,65 per cent is a significant cut.

“As you rightly put, the Bitcoin volatility [of the CBOE Futures] is low and declining”,

so Davitt.

Volatility: good or bad?

In the interpretation, whether a declining Bitcoin volatility is a good or bad characters, the ghosts.

Tom Lee Fund shows came the news:

“It is surprising, when you consider how small Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. The entire crypto market capitalization is $ 200 billion, nearly 90 trillion US dollars of global assets. So I am positively surprised.“

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes sees it, however, without rising volatility has no chance at Mainstream adoption. In the BitMEX Crypto Trader Digest, he argues that Bitcoin volatility has a significant signalling effect to the outside:

“Bitcoin requires volatility when it comes to gain acceptance in the Mainstream. The price of Bitcoin is of the best and most transparent way to communicate the health of the Ecosystem.“

The volatility does not increase significantly, Hayes, then an extension of the bear market could be in for a further 18 months.

What is this Bitcoin Futures?

A Future is a derivative, a financial product that represents a base value. Suppliers and buyers agree to buy the underlying asset after the end of the term at a specified price or to sell. In the case of Bitcoin Futures, the basis is the value of Bitcoin.

Origin of futures contracts in the agricultural sector and raw materials sector. For both sides of the trade, particularly the planning security resulting from Future transactions. Producers and consumers can hedge so against unexpected events and related price increases.

By the way: The CBOE is no longer with the release of Bitcoin Futures on my own soon. How BAKKT announced, the company plans as of the 12. December physical Bitcoin Futures.

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