The Sint arrives at new location

Six december is still some time, but santa Claus is a far-sighted man, and so he has a telegram already let you know where and when exactly he set foot on the island in our country.

Advent of the Saint
The Saint mentions that he is on Saturday 17 november at 13.30 h. with the steamboat from Spain arrives in Antwerp. For the first time in a long time is that at a new location.

This year, the boat will dock at the Verbindingsdok-Westkaai. There is Sinterklaas will be welcomed by Bart Peeters and mayor Bart De Wever.

At 13.45 you. breaks down the Saint with his result in the direction of the Hanzestedenplaats through the Napoleonkaai, the Nassaubrug and the Oostendekaai. Around 14h30. arrive the goedheilig man on the Hanzestedenplaats to the MAS and around 14.45. he speaks to children and their mummy’s and daddy’s.

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