‘Terror-attack on world cup soccer in Russia foiled’

‘Terror-attack on world cup soccer in Russia foiled’

The Russian security services have this summer plans have been thwarted a terrorist attack on the world cup in Russia.

According to the chief of the domestic secret service FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, wanted terrorists, foreign fans with the help of drones attacks. Their plans confine themselves not to the football world cup, other large events in Russia were endorsed.

Thanks to a good cooperation with the foreign colleagues were attacks, however, have been thwarted, reports the news agency Ria Novosti on Tuesday under the citation of the Russian national security advisor Nikolai Patroesjev. Patroesjev purview of the world cup in Russia also as a ” remarkable example of a successful international cooperation in this field’.

For the international football tournament was, from mid-June to mid-July, a large police force on the leg. Police officers from 33 countries to support to Russia. After the world cup, spoke to the security services of a all in all peaceful conduct of the sporting event.

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