’Ten men in Zanzibar arrested for homosexuality’

Pongwe – Ten men are in Pongwe, on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, picked because they are homosexual would be. Reports that human rights organisation Amnesty International Tuesday.

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The men were arrested on the beach after the police a tip was received about a same-sex marriage. According to Amnesty International, the men without charge. The arrest followed shortly after a police action against gays.


The Tanzanian government Monday distanced itself from a planned hunt on homosexuals. That was announced by a high regional director, international upheaval as a result.

Paul Makonda, regional commissioner for the city of Dar es Salaam, last week announced the creation of a controversial team. That had to go hunting on homosexuals, prostitutes and criminals. Makonda said already a list with names of alleged gays.

Long prison sentences

Homosexuals in Tanzania long prison sentences. Still felt the government had been called away to take of Makonda. The ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the director is not the official position of the government itself.

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