Sweet and proud, but it is just not’

Disappointment at Jeroen Zoet and the other PSV’ers after the defeat against the Spurs.

“Especially in the first half went well. I have a few important balls deal with it, but ultimately, you still get two goals against. And then you stand with empty hands,” said Sweet compared to Veronica Inside.

”I think that we can be proud of how we as a team have fought hard, but we have not have played football like we can. It’s just not.”

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Harry Kane gave the Spurs the lead in the 89th minute for the victory when he hit the ball through Trent Sainsbury in the goal worked. “Yes, fucking, because you know that they are on the end of a second striker in it and balls toss. Then you need to be ready to stand and which ball to expect,” said Sweet. “Annoying that you through that scrimmage to the goal than to get.”

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